Events - 2006

Date & Venue Event Co-organizers
24 Jan 2006 to 25 Jan 2006
Expert Group Meeting on Biotechnology Information Network for Asia (BINASIA) KRIBB, BIOTEC
7 Feb 2006 Colombo, Sri Lanka First Meeting of the Technical Committee of APCTT NERD Centre
8 Feb 2006 to 9 Feb 2006
Colombo, Sri Lanka
First Session of the Governing Council of APCTT NERD Centre
6 Mar 2006 to 7 Mar 2006
Quezon City, Manila
Forum on National Innovation Systems for the Philippines: Industry and energy innovations within reach DOST, TAPI, PCIERD
11 Mar 2006 to 16 Mar 2006
Lahore, Pakistan
BINASIA-Pakistan National Workshop and Lahore Bioforum 2006 NCEMB, HEC, MOST, PAS
15 Mar 2006 to 17 Mar 2006
Seoul, Korea
Consultation meeting with Network Partners for and KTTC
30 Mar 2006 to 31 Mar 2006
Kathmandu, Nepal
BINASIA-Nepal National Workshop RECAST
27 Apr 2006 to 28 Apr 2006
Manila, Philippines
20 Jun 2006 to 21 Jun 2006
Tehran, Iran
Workshop on National Innovation Systems in the Islamic Republic of Iran IROST, RITDS, MOSRT
19 Jul 2006 to 20 Jul 2006
Jakarta, Indonesia
Seminar on National Innovation Systems: Public Policy to Enhance Industrial Innovation Capacity LIPI
19 Sep 2006 to 20 Sep 2006
New Delhi, India
National Consultative Meeting on National Innovation Systems (NIS) of India DSIR, NRDC, CDC
6 Oct 2006 to 7 Oct 2006
Nainital, India
National Seminar on Biotechnology innovation systems of India: Policy Measures and Support Mechanism DBT, KU
27 Oct 2006 to 30 Oct 2006
Beijing, China
National Workshop on Sub-national Innovation Systems and Technology Capacity Building Policies to Enhance Competitiveness of SMEs UNAPCAEM, CFIE
16 Nov 2006 to 17 Nov 2006
New Delhi, India
International Conclave on Traditional Medicine AYUSH, NBRI
18 Nov 2006 New Delhi, India Asia-Pacific Traditional Medicine and Herbal Technology Network (APTMNET) AYUSH, NBRI