Events - 2013

Date & Venue Event Co-organizers
12 Feb 2013 to 13 Feb 2013
Bogor, Indonesia
Second Annual meeting of SATNET Asia project and High-Level Policy Dialogue on Technology Transfer for Smallholder Farmers TID-ESCAP
5 Mar 2013 to 8 Mar 2013
Bangkok, Thailand
APCTT-STEPI joint field study to Lao PDR on NIS framework conditions for strategy development STEPI
13 Mar 2013 Bangkok, Thailand Regional Consultation Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation for Promoting Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific DESA, TID-ESCAP
19 Jun 2013 to 20 Jun 2013
New Delhi, India
UNDMT-SATNET South Asia Regional Workshop on Climate Resilient Agriculture UNDMT-SATNET
26 Jun 2013 to 27 Jun 2013
Jakarta, Indonesia
National Workshop on R&D Management in the Area of Nanotechnology LIPI
15 Jul 2013 to 17 Jul 2013
Bangkok, Thailand
Training of Trainers Programme on "Planning and Implementing Technology Transfer Project"
2 Sep 2013 to 4 Sep 2013
Tokyo, Japan
Training Programme on Technology Transfer Mechanisms and Market Linkages for SMEs in Japan
17 Sep 2013 to 19 Sep 2013
Kabul, Afghanistan
Training on Integrated Pest Management Practices FAO
21 Sep 2013 to 26 Sep 2013
Kabul, Afghanistan
Training on Bio-Intensive Pest Management FAO
23 Sep 2013 to 27 Sep 2013
APCTT Sessions on National Innovation Systems and , technology innovation and techno-entreprenurship during the Myanmar Business And Development Week UMFCC, ESCAP
24 Sep 2013 to 26 Sep 2013
New Delhi, India
SATNET South Asia Regional Training Programme on e-Traceability and Market Linkages for Promoting Agricultural Exports APEDA, Government of India, TID-ESCAP
22 Oct 2013 to 25 Oct 2013
Lao, PDR
National Workshop on National Innovation System of Lao PDR Diagnosis and STI Strategy Development; Training on Development and Management of On line Lao PDR National Innovation System Resource Centre STEPI
27 Oct 2013 to 29 Oct 2013
Nanjing, China
Nanjing International Technology Transfer Meeting NITTC
30 Oct 2013 to 31 Oct 2013
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Crop Production Technologies BARC
11 Nov 2013 to 12 Nov 2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
APCTT Ninth Technical Committee Meeting
13 Nov 2013 to 14 Nov 2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Workshop on Open Innovation Platform MOSTI, MIMOS
18 Nov 2013 Bangkok South-South Cooperation in STI Capacity Building
19 Nov 2013 Bangkok Ninth Session of the Governing Council of APCTT TID-ESCAP
25 Nov 2013 to 27 Nov 2013
Thimphu, Bhutan
SATNET National Training Programme on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Agricultural Technologies CoRRB
5 Dec 2013 to 7 Dec 2013
Patna, Bihar
Stress-tolerant technologies: Using Livelihood and Productivity Enhancing Approaches for Smallholder Farmers CRS
10 Dec 2013 to 13 Dec 2013
Malacca, Malaysia
Nano Malaysia 2013 - Convention and Expo and National Workshop on Strengthening R&D Management Capacity of Researchers and Research Managers in the Area of Nanotechnology National Nanotechnology Directorate (MOSTI, Malaysia)