Events - 2018

Date & Venue Event Co-organizers
20 Mar 2018 Bangkok, Thailand Regional Consultation on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Science, Technology and Innovation TISTR
30 May 2018 to 31 May 2018
Astana, Kazakhstan
Workshop on Strengthening Technology Transfer and Technology Commercialization Capacities of Countries in Central Asia UNECE, NATD
14 Jun 2018 to 16 Jun 2018
Kunming, China
3rd Forum on China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation MOST China, People’s Government of Yunnan Province
18 Jul 2018 to 19 Jul 2018
Regional Forum on Strategies to Enhance Innovation and Management Capacities of Startups and SMEs DOST - TAPI
27 Aug 2018 to 28 Aug 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
Regional Consultation on Achieving SDGs through Sector focused STI Policies TISTR , MOST
29 Aug 2018 to 31 Aug 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
Committee on Information and Communications Technology & Science, Technology and Innovation, Second session ESCAP
23 Oct 2018 to 24 Oct 2018
Putrajaya, Malaysia
MESTECC-APCTT 2018 Conference on the Fourth Industrial Revolution - “New and Emerging Technologies in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals” MIMOS Berhad, MESTECC Malaysia
1 Nov 2018 to 2 Nov 2018
Innovation Summit and International Conference 2018 on Technology Transfer & Internationalization of Technology-based Businesses LIPI
27 Nov 2018 Bangkok, Thailand International Conference on Inclusive Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Promoting the Transfer of New and Emerging Technologies in Water and Energy Sectors MOST, Thailand, TISTR
28 Nov 2018 to 29 Nov 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
Fourteenth Session of Governing Council of APCTT MOST, Thailand