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Conclusions and Recommendations

During the panel discussions the following conclusions and recommendations were made by
the participants.

  • APCTT-ESCAP would focus on enhancing capacity of member states to use appropriate
  • NIS diagnosis methods that would help them not only in the development of STI
    strategies but also to adopt and develop nationally relevant STI indicators to measure the
    status and performance of STI for sustainable development.
  • APCTT-ESCAP could assist member states to prioritize and carry out diagnosis of
    identified sectoral innovations systems and their STI strategy development.
  • APCTT-ESCAP could undertake studies on comparison of regional or sub-regional STI
    in selected sectors in cooperation with relevant ESCAP Divisions and Sub-Regional
    Offices (SROs).
  • APCTT-ESCAP’s on-line mechanisms could be used to share information on open
    innovation practices, business models and case studies.