Science, Technology & Innovation

Countries face numerous challenges in deploying science, technology and innovation (STI) for inclusive and sustainable development. These include subcritical resource allocation, lack of skills, ineffective policies, delivery and support mechanisms and weak inter-ministerial coordination. STI programme of the Centre is aimed to assist member countries in addressing these challenges through strengthening their capacity to evolve and adopt their own holistic approach to the development and governance of STI strategy.

APCTT, leveraging its experiences of assisting member countries in the area of science and technology (S&T) policies, national innovation systems (NIS) and innovation management has identified the following capacity building programme areas relevant to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Policies, programmes, delivery mechanisms and governance of systems of technology innovation at national, sub-national and sectoral levels;
  • Technology innovation management by industries, R&D institutions and universities/academia
  • Open innovation through public-private partnership and south-south cooperation;
  • Grassroots technology innovation for inclusive development; and
  • Networks of STI stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific region

These programme areas though focuses on renewable energy technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology, include other industrial sectors as identified by the member countries. STI capacity building projects and activities are developed with emphasis on south-south cooperation and implemented in cooperation and partnership with ESCAP member countries and international organizations.

Programme Outputs

National Innovation Systems

The Asia-Pacific National Innovation Systems On-line Resource Centre presents project outputs at

Nanotechnology R&D Management

Nanotechnology R&D management capacity building outputs and a network of R&D institutions could be accessed at

Renewable Energy Cooperation

The Renewable Energy Cooperation Network provides useful information and foster linkages among industry, academia and R&D institutions at

Biotechnology Network

An information network for biotechnology STI stakeholders in member countries and activities carried out to establish the network are presented at binasia section

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