Innovation Summit and International Conference 2018 on Technology Transfer & Internationalization of Technology-based Businesses

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Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Event Date: 
1 Nov 2018 to 2 Nov 2018
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Science Technology and Innovation (STI) collaboration in the Asia and the Pacific Region is aimed at developing and diffusing STI in strengthening its economic competitiveness, and therefore promotion of innovation in the region becomes a necessity. For this purpose concerted efforts focusing on three key activities need to be undertaken, namely: (a) facilitation the flow of technology and innovation information from various sources within the Asia-Pacific region and also from outside of the region; (b) intermediation of innovation amongst its Member States so as to increase its exchange and adoption; and (c) exchange of knowledge, good practices, and experiences in converting STI into competitive business through startups and/or existing established firms. Towards achieving these objectives, APCTT is jointly organizing an Innovation Summit & International Conference on Technology Transfer and Internationalization of Technology-based Businesses in partnership with Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), and Japan ASEAN Science Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP) during 1-2 November 2018 in Tangerang, Indonesia. The conference is envisaged to facilitate deliberations on the challenges and opportunities for technology transfer and internationalization of technology-based SMEs and startups for countries in the Asia Pacific region. The deliberations are expected to recommend policy options and strategies to promote technology transfer and internationalization of technology-based SMEs and startups; and also help participating member States to explore opportunities for regional cooperation to facilitate cross-border technology transfer and business partnerships.

Background Note and Agenda


Entrepreneurship and Start Up Development, Ms. Fatma M’Selmi, Laur’us Consulting, Tunisia

Innovative Business Models for Internationalization of SMEs and Startups, Dr. Per Stenius, Reddal Inc, Republic of Korea

Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Dr. Etty Susilowati, Indonesia

Startup Funding Strategy through Initial Public Offering (IPO), Irmawati Amran, IDX Inkubator

Fostering innovation-driven entrepreneurship and startup development to achieve the SDGs, Ms. Michiko Enomoto, APCTT-ESCAP

Science Park Networks Development in Accelerating Technology Diffusion and Innovation-based Partnership: The Case of Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Prof. Bambang Subiyanto,LIPI, Indonesia

Incubation Support Systems for Facilitating Technology Transfer and Startup Internationalization – Indian Experiences, Dr. H. Purushotham, NRDC, India

Collaboration and Knowledge Networks for Promoting Technology Transfer and Commercialization, Dr. Satyabrata Sahu, APCTT-ESCAP

Japan's partnership for the technology based SMEs: Bridging Science, Technology and Business, Dr. Susumu Maruno, RDMM Center, Japan

Promoting Cross-Border Partnerships in Technology-based Businesses – Role of APCTT-ESCAP, Dr. Krishnan Srinivasaraghavan, APCTT-ESCAP 

Unleashing Some Key Factors in Developing High Growth Startup, Mr. Peter Shearer Setiawan, Wahyoo

Academia-Industry Collaboration for Technology Commercialization and Accessing the International Market – Experiences of an Indian Startup, Dr. Vaibhav Tidke, Science for Society (S4S) Technologies, India