Publications & Databases

APCTT has brought out several information resources on themes relevant to a range of stakeholders such as policy makers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), technology transfer intermediary agencies, technology promotion organizations, research and development (R&D) institutes, etc. These resources are in the form of technology databases and search engine, e-periodicals, guidebooks, manuals, directories and handbooks. They could be either accessed and/or downloaded free of cost.

Since the inception of APCTT in 1977, the Centre has organized a large number of regional & national workshops, meetings and conferences and brought out a large number of reports and publications, which are mainly the output of projects implemented by the Centre. To enable national policy makers and researchers to gain access to this repository of knowledge, it has digitized these publications and documents using information technology. You can access these publications through APCTT digital publications and documents.

The current on-line resources are:



Guidebooks and Manuals

Directories, Handbooks and CD ROMs