Technology Intelligence

APCTT seeks to provide technology intelligence to help member states, their institutions and enterprises to address the challenges of today’s dynamic business and technological setting. Technology Intelligence activities of the Centre are aimed at (a) policymakers to keep abreast of emerging science, technology and innovation (STI) policy approaches and delivery mechanisms for technology-based national inclusive and sustainable development; (b) small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to emphasis on technology innovation to succeed in the market and participate in the globalization of technology, and in making informed and rational decisions during the technology transfer process and; (d) research and development (R&D) institutions to focus on new and emerging technologies for sustainable development.

APCTT periodically brings out as well as produces project based value-added information/knowledge products which could be accessed and downloaded for free from its ICT based mechanisms, especially through

e- Periodicals

APCTT’s online periodicals are Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor and Value Added Technology Information Service (VATIS) Update series on Biotechnology, Food Processing, Non-conventional energy, Ozone Layer protection and Waste management. These periodicals disseminate a range of technological information on latest technological innovations, technology policies, technology market, innovation management, technology transfer and events.

  • Published since 1983, the Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor has been the flagship publication of APCTT. The Tech Monitor features articles under various special themes presenting trends in technology transfer and development, technology policies, data and analysis with respect to relevant issues, case studies, best practices and innovative technologies.
  • Since 1993, APCTT has been bringing out the VATIS Update publications which are aimed at disseminating information on latest technological innovations and events taking place around the world.
  • Note: The VATIS periodicals have been discontinued as recommended by the twelfth and thirteenth Governing Council sessions of APCTT.

Value Added Information Products

  • During the past few years, APCTT has brought out several guidebooks, manuals, reports, directories, handbooks and CD ROMs on themes that are relevant to a range of stakeholders such as policy makers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), technology transfer intermediary agencies, technology promotion organizations, research and development (R&D) institutes, etc.
  • APCTT makes optimum use of the archived information from past issues of the Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor to develop specialist publications in technological themes of interest and disseminate these in CD formats to planners, policy-makers, researchers, and managers of technology.

Normative & Analytical Services

APCTT undertakes a combination of normative and analytical studies of regional relevance to identify trends, highlight good policies and practices, and foster regional cooperation. The current areas of study include:

  • Science, technology and innovation (STI) diagnosis and strategy development
  • Comparative analysis of national STI policies in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Policy support mechanisms/instruments for foreign technology acquisition and protection of intellectual property
  • R&D and innovation Management in new and emerging areas of technology (e.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology and renewable energy)
  • National policies in the Asia-Pacific region for promoting and facilitating the development of technology-based rural entrepreneurship incubators and map existing incubators in selected countries
  • Value addition to traditional technologies with the application of modern science and technology (S&T)
  • Emerging global approaches in technology innovation and transfer of technology in current business settings.
  • Scouting, documenting, protecting and commercializing grassroots innovations

Capacity Building in New and Emerging Technologies

Currently, APCTT assists Member States in strengthening their R&D management capacity in the area of nanotechnology. Under this project, the Centre organizes regional and national workshops and expert group meetings to enhance capacity of relevant stakeholders such as policy makers, senior researches, R&D institutions, SMEs and technology promotion agencies. The capacity building focuses on several critical issues such as: nanotechnology policy making and strategy development; nanosafety, standardization and certification; intellectual property (IP) protection of nanotechnology innovations; and commercialization of nanotechnology research outputs. APCTT has developed an online platform for “Asia-Pacific Nanotechnology R&D Management Network”.

For further information, please contact Mr. S. Sahu , Coordinator, Technology Intelligence, APCTT-ESCAP.